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All Original RADO NCC 202 "Goliath" with Huge TV-Case & Stylized Face

This watch was SOLD on Jul 26, 2018 (Destination: Rivera Beach, FL, U.S.A.).

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch
Gender: male
Accessories: none
Year: 1965 - 1974
Crystal: acrylic
Dial Width: 32 mm
Dial Height: 25 mm
Movement: 25 jewels automatic
Case: stainless steel
Case Width: 43 mm without crown
Case Height: 36 mm
Case Number: 11924, G4841280
Movement Number: 2879
Bracelet: stainless steel
Bracelet Width: 22 mm
Bracelet Length: 6 in (measures up to 7.5 in with case)

This is an authentic Swiss-made RADO NCC 202 Automatic Watch with Triple Calendar display.

  • 100% ALL ORIGINAL RADO Watch!
  • FEATURES: Huge TV Case, Blue Dial, Full Day, Black Date, All Stainless Steel
  • STAINLESS STEEL: case, back, crown, bracelet & clasp

This watch keeps good time & is in good working condition! Add this to your collection of vintage quality timepieces!

Here is an awesome blast-from-the-past RADO NCC print advertisement for your appreciation & reference!

[Click the image to expand to full-view.]

The watch shown is the RADO NCC 101, a variation of the NCC series! The shape of the case & the design of the dial are similar.

rado ncc print advertising

The photos presented below are of the actual item for sale. Kindly study them carefully because what you see is what you will get. We try our best to describe watches as accurately as we can that's why we present them visually & literally. In case we missed a few points, you are welcome to ask questions.

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

The RADO NCC 202 is the Goliath of the RADO NCC Series!

The RADO NCC 202, its focal points being its uniform steel body, wide tv case & stylized dial, embodies the space age vision of the year 2000, when everyone would be zooming in space traffic! Well, it's 2018 & we are still stuck in road traffic!

The RADO NCC 202 represents the future that could have been & the future that may still be!

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

The NCC series of watches is RADO's prime design entry into the retro space-age era. It is RADO's testimony as the maker of the "Watches of the Future" or the "Watches of 2000".

NCC is an acronym for "New Case Concept". The cases of RADO NCC Watches are an innovation in aesthetic & engineering design. They have flat backs, bolted down with screws & they house movements enclosed with blue rubber waterproofing!

NCC is a fictional designation for starships conceived within the hit futuristic space travel TV series Star Trek. It's a combination of a ship prefix "NS" ("Nuclear Ship"), & the Soviet Union acronym "CCCP" to show that the U.S.A. & Russia had to work together to establish the Starfleet! RADO may also have adapted Star Trek's NCC to identify its futuristic line of watches!

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

EXTERNAL CONDITION: This watch is in *NEAR MINT condition (93-97%): Showing very light signs of wear. Very faint scratches on the case, bezel, bracelet or buckle are visible to the naked eye.

INTERNAL CONDITION: This watch is in *EXCELLENT condition (88-92%): Working perfectly, needs no repair or service.

*condition descriptives mainly based on the Timezone Grading System

stainless steel HUGE TV CASE!

Satin Blue Dial

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

white-striped steel hands

white-striped steel bar hour markers, all set horizontally!

full day & black date display window framed in steel at 3 o'clock

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

painted white "NCC 202" & "T SWISS MADE T" at 6 o'clock

steel-on-red RADO arrow emblem & steel RADO name logo at 9 o'clock

Notes on the DIAL: RADO arrow emblem is fixed in place

clear painted white rail-track grid

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

stainless steel RADO crown

original RADO acrylic crystal

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

original RADO stainless steel bracelet

Bracelet Length: 6 in (measures up to 7.5 in with case)

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

RADO stainless steel Fold-Over clasp

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

original NSA stainless steel inner clasp (official RADO parts manufacturer)

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

stainless steel case back etched with "NCC 202", RADO name logo, RADO symbol logo, RADO seahorse, "BREV+ET ETR. DEM", serial numbers & "WATER SEALED".

We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of its waterproof closure because this watch is vintage
rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

reverse side of case back embossed with "RADO WATCH CO", "SWISS" & "STAINLESS STEEL"

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch

Swiss-made RADO 25 jewels automatic movement contained within innovative blue rubber waterproofing - tested by our experienced technician

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