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SEIKO Watches

A comprehensive archive of SEIKO Watches. Each model or type is featured with detailed pictures & specifications to tell you virtually everything you need to know about SEIKO wristwatches we've handled since 2005.

SEIKO Bell-Matic Watches

seiko bellmatic automatic day-date watch seiko bell-matic automatic day-date watch seiko bellmatic automatic day-date watch

SEIKO Chronograph Speed Timer Watches

seiko chronograph speed timer 6138-8020 automatic day-date watch seiko chronograph speed timer 6138-8020 automatic day-date watch seiko chronograph speed timer 6138-8020 automatic day-date watch seiko chronograph speed timer 6138-8020 automatic day-date watch

SEIKO Chronograph Kakume Watches

seiko chronograph kakume 6138-0030 automatic day-date watch

SEIKO Chronograph UFO Watches

seiko chronograph ufo 6138-0011 automatic day-date watch

SEIKO Chronograph Helmet Watches

seiko chronograph helmet vader 6139-7101 automatic day-date watch

SEIKO Dive Watches

seiko scuba diver 150m automatic date watch seiko scuba diver 150m automatic date watch seiko scuba diver 150m automatic date watch seiko scuba diver 150m automatic date watch

SEIKO Diamatic Watches

seiko diamatic automatic date watch seiko diamatic lm automatic day-date watch

SEIKO World Time

seiko world time gmt 6117-6010 automatic date watch seiko world time gmt 6117-6010 automatic date watch

SEIKO 5 Watches

seiko 5 automatic day-date watch seiko 5 automatic day-date watch

Other SEIKO Watches

seiko 5 classic tv-case automatic day-date watch seiko automatic day-date watch fine seiko manual-wind bangle watch seiko moonphase automatic date watch


SEIKO Corporation is a Japanese watch company.

The company started in 1881, when Kintaro Hattori opened a watch & jewellery shop in the Ginza area of Tokyo, Japan. Eleven years later he began to produce clocks under the name SEIKOsha. According to SEIKO's official company history, titled "A Journey In Time: The Remarkable Story of SEIKO" (2003), SEIKO is a Japanese word meaning "exquisite", "minute", or "success".

The first watches produced under the SEIKO brand appeared in 1924. In 1969, SEIKO introduced the SEIKO "Astron", the world's first production quartz watch; when it was introduced, it cost the same as a medium-sized car. SEIKO later went on to introduce the first quartz chronograph. In 1985, Orient Watches & SEIKO established a joint factory. Recognized as a leader in timekeeping accuracy, SEIKO products are often used as the official timekeepers of the major sporting events including the Olympic Games & the FIFA World Cup editions in Argentina 1978, Spain 1982, Mexico 1986 & Italy 1990.

SEIKO is perhaps known best, though, for its wristwatches. SEIKO is known for their advanced technology & is one of the few wristwatch manufacturers that produce all of their watches & movements entirely in-house. Even minor items such as the oils used in lubricating the watches & the luminous compounds used on the hands & the dials are produced by the SEIKO factories.

SEIKO produces both quartz & mechanical watches of varying prices. The cheapest are around US$50; the most expensive (the Credor Spring Drive Sonnerie) costs over $US100,000. SEIKO's mechanical watches are the most prized by collectors-from the SEIKO "5" series (the 5 is proposed to reflect 5 essential features of the watch namely shockproof, waterproof, automatic, with day & date display), which is the most common, the SEIKO automatic Chronometer series, the "Bell-Matic" with a mechanical alarm to the highly prized luxury "Credor", "King SEIKO" & "Grand SEIKO" lines. SEIKO Kinetic watches account for a large proportion of sales nowadays & combine the self-energizing attributes of an automatic watch with quartz accuracy. There is no battery to change; the watch is entirely powered by its movement in everyday wear.

Frustratingly for collectors, SEIKO does not release all of its watch lines in every region. Some are exclusively available in Asia, for instance. Many online retailers will ship watches overseas, though.

SEIKO Corporation of America is responsible for distribution of SEIKO watches & clocks, as well as Pulsar brand watches, in the United States. The models available in the United States are normally a smaller subset of the full line produced in Japan. SEIKO Corporation of America has its headquarters & Coserv repair center in Mahwah, New Jersey. In the United States, SEIKO watches are sold primarily by fine jewelers & department stores, as well as 19 company stores located in various cities.

SEIKO's 2004 marketing campaign emphasized that a watch, as opposed to other traits (such as what car they drive, for example) tells most about a person.

Various SEIKO watches were worn by the cinematic James Bond 007 in four films, starring Roger Moore, from 1977-1985. Also, a SEIKO watch was worn by Sean Connery in the 1983 Bond film, Never Say Never Again.

SEIKO also produces other electronic devices. Notably, during the 1980's, this company produced a range of digital synthesizers, such as the DS-250, for use in electronic music. Today, the music division, a part of SEIKO S-Yard, produces metronomes & tuning devices.

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