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Our watches are VINTAGE, unless stated otherwise. Their capacity to tell accurate time & manage power is consistent with available technology during their time of production.

Never experiment with a watch unless you are a watchmaker. Curiousity killed the watch! When unsure about setting features, please contact us!


MIDO Watches

A comprehensive archive of MIDO Watches. Each model or type is featured with detailed pictures & specifications to tell you virtually everything you need to know about MIDO wristwatches we've handled since 2005.

About MIDO

Founded in Switzerland in 1918 by George Schaeren, MIDO is today based in the town of Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains. The name MIDO comes from the Spanish "Yo MIDO", I measure.

MIDO's ambition is to produce watches with the characteristics of a good friend. You feel good when you see it; it is very reliable & always there when you need it; it has a character of it own & you will pass your life together... Timelessness is the mark of true design.

MIDO's philosophy is to combine timeless design with functionality rather than following fashion trends. True design outlives all fashion trends. The objective is to create timepieces made of high quality materials, endowed with precise movements & offering outstanding water-resistance in order to last a long time.

MIDO watches are sold through 1600 authorized retailers in 50 countries around the world.