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is a French high fashion house specializing in leather, ready-to-wear, lifestyle accessories, & perfumery luxury goods. The company is highly renowned in the fashion world, along with other exclusive fashion houses, & it's recognized by its duc carriage with horse logo.

First established in 1837, the saddle shop of Thiery Hermès in Paris, France quickly became an international success. Hermès continues to implement its traditional techniques into its creations.Recognized clientele of Hermès include:

  • Nicole Kidman,
  • Julianne Moore,
  • Elle McPherson,
  • Elizabeth Hurley,
  • & Madonna.

Hermès' competitors include Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, & Christian Dior. As of 2008, Hermès has 14 product divisions encompassing:

  1. leather,
  2. scarves,
  3. ties,
  4. menswear,
  5. women's fashion,
  6. perfume,
  7. watches,
  8. stationery,
  9. footwear,
  10. gloves,
  11. enamel,
  12. art of living,
  13. tableware,
  14. & jewelry.

The use of high-quality materials & appraised handcraftsmanship drives the price points for Hermès merchandise well into high figures. Examples include an Hermès scarf for $355 USD, a tie for $165 USD, & a Kelly purse for $3,500 USD. Fashion Model Directory states the Hermès look as "the height of luxury with a nod to the house's equestrian heritage".

Professional craftsmanship, originated from the creation of meticulous leather saddles, has been spread into every branch of product making, company-wide. General Hermès sales are made up of around 30 percent leather goods, 15 percent clothes, & 12 percent scarves. The company has never licensed any of its products, but keeps a tight control over the design & manufacture of its vast range of goods. Every Hermès leather bound datebook, enamel teapot, silk waistcoat, & custom saddle is made under the company name.

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