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Our watches are VINTAGE, unless stated otherwise. Their capacity to tell accurate time & manage power is consistent with available technology during their time of production.

Never experiment with a watch unless you are a watchmaker. Curiousity killed the watch! When unsure about setting features, please contact us!



A comprehensive archive of GIRARD-PERREGAUX Watches. Each model or type is featured with detailed pictures & specifications to tell you virtually everything you need to know about GIRARD-PERREGAUX wristwatches we've handled since 2005.


GIRARD-PERREGAUX is a Swiss manufacturer of complex timepieces. The company can trace its origins to 1791 making it one of the older manufactures within the industry. The current name, however, would not appear until 1854 when watchmaker Constant Girard married Marie Perregaux & the modern company was born.

G-P is well known within the world of horology for the "Tourbillon Under Three Gold Bridges" or Tourbillon Sous Trois Points d'Or. The company can also claim true manufacture status, meaning that it produces the vast majority of the movements used within their timepieces, rather than relying on stock or ébauche parts made by companies such as ETA SA.

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