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Our watches are VINTAGE, unless stated otherwise. Their capacity to tell accurate time & manage power is consistent with available technology during their time of production.

Never experiment with a watch unless you are a watchmaker. Curiousity killed the watch! When unsure about setting features, please contact us!


Customer Testimonials

Big Ben Watches has supplied watches to collectors & dealers all over the world since 2005. We always take the extra step to make our customers happy.

Item: DUNHILL Millenium Classic

Date of Purchase: 12/4/2016

dunhill millenium classic quartz date watchSeasons Greeting Aileen!
I now have the 4 extra links for my medium size Dunhill Watch. Thanks again! If you ever get a Mens Full Size Version, Plslet me know.

Have a good Xmas! You have been very helpful & consistent during our transaction!!!

Item: ENICAR Classic Automatic

Date of Purchase: 11/10/2016

enicar classic automatic day-date watchHi Aileen,
I came home from work today and the Enicar Automatic was waiting for me at the Post Office.

I'm very impressed by the watch and I'd say you have a very happy customer! Thanks again for the great service and I will be certain to check your site for more great additions to my collection. I am sure I'll be a returning customer!

Thanks again and talk to you soon!

Item: CITIZEN Chronograph Monaco 67-9071

Date of Purchase: 10/6/2016

citizen chronograph monaco automatic day-date watchHi Aileen,
Good morning! Well-received the watch today!

When I open parcel... What?! Did you send the wrong product to me?! Oh no, a pair of spectacle?!

WOW!!! A nice citizen watch!!! Thanks for selling this watch to me!!!

Item: HAMILTON Chronograph Automatic (LWO 283 LEMANIA)

Date of Purchase: 9/6/2016

hamilton chronograph automatic date watchDear Ms. Aileen,
Thank you for your nice word and spirit. I felt great happiness to receive and enjoy the Hamilton chronograph, because, I had bought a Hamilton chronograph as a first chronograph, when I visited in Hamilton University to donate my books. As a result, the Hamilton chronographs are my being memorial item in my 20th.

Today, I collected only chronograph more than 1000 pieces. In such as situation, I love Hamilton as a top level. Thank you for your nice offer. I am waiting the next item from you.
Kind regard
Hajime J.

Item: TITONI Airmaster Rotomatic

Date of Purchase: 6/25/2016

titoni airmaster rotomatic date watchHello Aileen
Thanks - arrived today and in great condition. Thanks for all of your help with this.

Item: CHANEL Premiere M-Size

Date of Purchase: 6/18/2016

vintage chanel premiere jewelry watchDear Mr. Ben,
I have received the watch . Thank you so much !
Carol G.

Item: JEAN D'EVE Quarta with Divided Dial

Date of Purchase: 6/5/2016

jean d eve quarta quartz watchThe watch arrived Thursday. Looks good!

Item: GUCCI 6000L Classic

Date of Purchase: 4/27/2016

vintage gucci 6000L classic leather quartz jewelry watchI received it. I love the watch thank you so much.
Felicia W. 

Item: CHANEL Premiere XL-Size

Date of Purchase: 4/16/2016

vintage chanel premiere jewelry watchHello, Aileen.
I just signed for it and tried it on -- it's perfect, very elegant (just like the wrapping :)
Thank you so much for your conscientious customer service!

Item: CHANEL Premiere M-Size

Date of Purchase: 4/8/2016

vintage chanel premiere jewelry watchYes, I received it! It's so gorgeous. Let me know if you've more at this condition and price. I'm happy to buy from you again. Thanks.

Item: ZODIAC SST 36000

Date of Purchase: 3/20/2016

zodiac sst 36000 automatic day-date watchHi Aileen,
Thank you very much for your efforts – the communication and service has been exceptional
Best regards, 

Item: ORIENT Perpetual Calendar

Date of Purchase: 1/25/2016

orient perpetual calendar automatic day-date watchHello Aileen,
I just received them, they are in a good shape. Thank you very much.
Best regards.

Item: SANDOZ American Eagle Dollar / Coin

Date of Purchase: 1/3/2016

sandoz american eagle coin manual-wind watchHi Aileen,
I've just got my Sandoz this morning.  Thank you very much for your service. 

Item: USSR Soviet Russian SEKONDA Classic 19 Jewels

Date of Purchase: 12/17/2015

sekonda classic manual-wind watchReceived today. Many thanks. Let me know if anything else interesting comes in.
Kind regards

Item: TISSOT PRC 200 Chronograph Diver 200 M / 660 ft

Date of Purchase: 11/20/2015

tissot prc 200 chronograph diver quartz watchHi Aileen,
I have received the watch. Thank you for everything.
H. R.

Item:ZODIAC Sea Wolf "Special" Datographic

Date of Purchase: 11/17/2015

zodiac sea wolf special datographic automatic arrived just what i expected...very nice....having been looking for the diver watch that Patrick Mcgoohan wore in the movie ice station zebra and from what i can tell this is the one!!!! thank you for being so in tune to your customers....

Item: RADO Diastar

Date of Purchase: 11/8/2015

rado diastar automatic day-date watchYes thank you. I received it and it's a lovely watch. Thanks for checking. Merry Christmas to you and our family and look forward to a wonderful New Year.


Item: OMEGA De Ville Quartz CALIBER 1367

Date of Purchase: 10/30/2015

mens vintage omega de ville quartz watchHi Aileen!!
all received, very beautiful! I need only to take some time and go to find the battery! thanks for the "instruction" on how to operate with time setting!! have a nice day, and we'll see at next bid!!


Item: GIRARD-PERREGAUX Classic Tank Early Quartz

Date of Purchase: 10/22/2015

girard-perregaux g-p classic tank quartz leather watch I have the watch. It is terrific. I left you extremely good feedback already telling people to buy from you. Since I have nearly 2,000 feedbacks, all positive, it can't hurt.
Jerry O.

Item: RADO NCC 303

Date of Purchase: 09/14/2015

rado ncc 303 automatic day-date watch Hello Aileen!

Thank you for your kind message and your prompt, careful attention to my order. The watch arrived safely and I am wearing and enjoying it as I type. I will write you a positive feedback as soon as I send this message.

Thanks again!


Item: Military Band

Date of Purchase: 08/29/2015

Hello, Aileen!

I received notice in mail for package from Philippines. Looking forward to picking it up. Just won an older Sinn watch, also from a dealer in the Philippines. Will put band on the Sinn and wear them both slap out! Nany thanks for the band. Nice that some people still go out of their way to help out a stranger. Have a great day, gonfshn

Item: ZODIAC Autographic

Date of Purchase: 08/30/2015
zodiac autographic automatic power reserve gauge watch Hi Aileen,
I received the item in good condition and running nicely thankyou!

John G.

Item: SANDOZ Classic

Date of Purchase: 08/28/2015
sandoz classic automatic date watch Hello Aileen,
Thank you so much. I enjoy the watch, since my dad give me sandoz watch i become a fun of it. Esp the classic one.  Thank you again and Godbless the two of you!

Item: MAGRETTE Marcus Chronograph

Date of Purchase: 07/16/2015
magrette marcus chronograph hand-winding mechanical watch Hi, I received the watch today without any issues. Very well packed. Thank you very much. I will leave positive feedback now. Thanks again.

Item: RADO NCC 505

Date of Purchase: 05/26/2015

rado ncc 505 automatic day-date watch Hi Aileen,
Received the watch at noon and is in line with my expectations. Thank you . I do not know the rado with 2 languages for the date in English and Spanish occurrence . I hope to soon for more business together and if you ever come across a Rado DIASTAR 515 or the case of the it, I reserve to you .

Item: GUCCI 6400L

Date of Purchase: 05/08/2015

gucci 6400L horsebit bracelet jewelry watch Watch seems to be working fine. Thanks for the extra battery. Would like to leave feedback, but cannot figure out how for this item.

Item: RADO Diastar Chronograph

Date of Purchase: 04/20/2015

iridescent rado diastar chronograph quartz date watch It's arrived in great shape! Many thanks for your care and attention.
Best Regards,
Craig L.

Item: RADO Purple Horse

Date of Purchase: 04/19/2015

rado purple horse automatic day-date watch Hello Aileen,
I received the watch, I am very satisfied, I remain your customer and I look at the new watches for a next purchase!
Bests Regards,
Patrick B.

Item: TECHNOS Condor

Date of Purchase: 03/13/2015

technos con automatic date watch Aileen,
I received the Technos today. I like the watch it is unique. Thank you for your fine customer service!
Mark A.

Item: RADO Golden Gate

Date of Purchase: 01/01/2015

rado golden gate automatic day-date watch Aieen,
It is a miracle I received Rado!! I am really happy, I am going to command (order) you Green Horse which I want. Your watch comes a long way that is why that in taken a lot of time.
Patrick B.

Item: BULOVA Wrist Alarm

Date of Purchase: 10/22/2014

bulova wrist alarm manual-wind watch STUNNING! Just received the watch… amazing work guys! Let me know when you find that Spaceview 38mm stainless steel BULOVA!
Phil D.

Item: RADO Captain Cook

Date of Purchase: 10/18/2014

rado captain cook explorer automatic date watch Hello Aileen,
I have received my watch. It is keeping a good time! I appreciate your kindly reply. I am glad to meet you out of eBay. You are a 100% positive feedback seller!
Best regards,
Yosuke H.

Item: TITONI Space Star

Date of Purchase: 10/01/2014

titoni space star rotomatic day-date watch Hi,  Just to let you know that my watch has arrived safely & is working perfectly. Thanks for the great service!
Andy M.

Item: RADO Captain Cook Explorer

Date of Purchase: 09/06/2014

rado captain cook automatic date watch Great! Arrived today! Many thanks for the great service!
Craig L.

Items: Must De CARTIER Tank & RAYMOND WEIL Tank

Date of Purchase: 07/29/2014

vintage must de cartier tank vermeil manual-wind watch raymond weil geneve classic quartz watch Dear Aileen & Marco,
Yes, the watches were delivered!  I look forward to a significant discount & a faster delivery on my next transaction.  Thanks!
Tony A.

Item: TUDOR by ROLEX Prince Oysterdate

Date of Purchase: 07/29/2014

tudor prince oysterdate rotor automatic watch Hi Aileen! Just to let you know the Tudor arrived yesterday. Once again, very happy with your service and the watch is GREAT! very pleased! Thanks again!
David J.

Item: JEAN D'Eve Sectora

Date of Purchase: 05/19/2014

jean d'eve sectora 2000 quartz watch Aileen...The Jean D'Eve Sectora watch arrived several weeks ago in excellent condition. Sorry... I forgot to let you know.

It's a joy to wear & in perfect condition.Thank you for all your help. I will be pleased to highly recommend your company to anyone who appreciates authentic vintage watches at an excellent value & condition as promised.

I look forward to purchasing other watches from you in the future. Vintage watches I'm looking for: Hamilton Ventura, Jump Hour/Flybacks, Vintage Deco Designs.
Ed B. Laguna Niguel, CA.


Date of Purchase: 05/13/2014

sicura cordura sports mechanical date watch Hello,
It has just arrived. Thanks! But shipping date was May 31?
Masayuki K.

Item: CHANEL Premiere

Date of Purchase: 03/19/2014

vintage chanel premiere jewelry watch I have the watch!!! They said the reason they didn't call was because there was no phone number written on the package.  Now the watch is going into Chanel to be sent to New York for and new leather strap!  All is well, thank you!!!
Jowena M.

Item: ZODIAC Sea Wolf

Date of Purchase: 03/04/2014

zodiac sea wolf special datographic automatic watch Great job Aileen! I appreciate both your tracking of the package and the watch! I don't know why your feedback isn't 100% cause I am very pleased.
R. Cam

Item: RADO Diastar & RADO Musketeer VIII

Date of Purchase: 03/17/2014

rado diastar automatic day-date watch rado musketeer VIII ncc 505 automatic day-date watch Hello Aileen,
I received my watches and am pleased as expected. I am sorry for the loss you recently experienced and hope things are better for you.

I wanted you to know we are all human and the small wait experienced was not a big deal and I appreciate your immediate response. I left you appropriate feedback for your commitment to good business. Keep me in mind for your next Rado finds.
Thank you and be well,
Chris H.

Item: MONTBLANC Meisterstuck Chronograph

Date of Purchase: 02/13/2014

montblanc meisterstuck chronograph 200m automatic watch

Received and very satisfied with my purchase.You just made a life long customer! Thanks for the great watch!
Michael S.

Items: BULOVA Classic 23 & RADO Diastar

Date of Purchase: 12/24/2013

bulova 23 classic automatic day-date watch rado diastar automatic date watch

The watches arrived yesterday! I'm glad they did. Both are really beautiful.

There is a slight problem. I Unpacked them this morning (was in a hurry yesterday so not a good time to unpack them yesterday). The third hand (which points the seconds) of the Bulova is loose. It just lies loose on the dial. What do you suggest to do?
Warm regards,
Manuel vdH.

Item: CHANEL Premiere

Date of Purchase: 12/05/2013

vintage chanel premiere jewelry watch Hi Aileen,
I opened my package on Christmas Day and I was so happy with the watch! The Chanel Premiere is absolutely beautiful and I've been wearing it everyday.  Everyone has been commenting on it and I'm really happy.

Thank you so much for all your help!
Best regards,
Kym G.

Item: BULOVA Oceanographer 333 Ft

Date of Purchase: 9/12/2013

solid gold bulova oceanographer 333 feet automatic date watch Hi Aileen,
Thank you so much for the transaction - I really appreciate your most excellent communication and help with this matter. Now I have your website - I will be sure to look at your stock in case another watch catches my eye. It will be a pleasure to do business with you again.

I trust the remainder of 2014 is successful, and wish you and your family a healthy and happy future.

Kind regards,
Danny P.

Item: RADO Diastar

Date of Purchase: 4/15/2013

rado diastar automatic day-date watch Hi Aileen
I have received the watch, it look better than I expect it to be, your sales & services are very much appreciated.
Thank you.
Francis L.

A huge chunk of our correspondence from November 2012 to November 2013 has been wiped off our email server. Unfortunately, we were unable to retrieve them. If you have done done business with us within that time period & wish for your testimonial to be posted, please feel free to contact us!

Items: BULOVA Super Seville & SANDOZ Classic

Date of Purchase: 11/12/2012

sandoz classic manual-wind dress watch bulova super seville day & date automatic watch Hi, I received the watches & they're great. Just the Bulova's bracelet is too big & I can't shorten it cause it's rust, they told me. I'm gonna figure out something!

Thanks for everything & Merry Christmas
Georgios G.

Item: RADO Diastar

Date of Purchase: 10/08/2012

rado diastar quartz date watch Hi Aileen & Marco
I just received my RADO DIASTAR WATCH....It is so elegant and never expect such a nice watch.. and i love it.

All i can said thank you  AILEEN & MARCO to sale beatiful watches to all of us around the differents parts of this beatiful planet we call EARTH...REALLY WHAT WE CAN DO WITHOUT OF YOU...I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU THERE.....HAVE A GOOD DAY FROM DOWNUNDER...SYDNEY AUSTRALIA.
Victor S.

Item: RADO Purple Horse

Date of Purchase: 09/18/2012

rado purple horse mechanical date watch Hi Aileen!
Watch received today - RADO Purple Horse. Good watch, very nice and good working. Thank you very much! I hope buy another watch in the future.
Rakan A.

Item: RADO Balboa

Date of Purchase: 08/20/2012

rado balboa automatic date watch Hi Aileen & Marco:
I finally received my Rado watch today and am very happy about its condition.  One request to you about whether you could find a replacement Rado emblem embossed back for me. I thought if I could get a embossed back, it would cenrtainly enhance the overall completeness of this watch.  If workable, please give details.  Thank you.  What say  you?
Best regards,
Robert L.

Item: RADO Rising Star

Date of Purchase: 03/19/2012

rado rising star automatic date watch Hello Aileen!
Just a note to tell you that my watch arrived today. It is beautiful, thank you very much. Also, thank you for saving me the cost and annoying wait of Customs - very much appreciated! It joins my ever-growing collection of 8 similar Rado automatic vintage watches - I look forward to buying from you again in the future!
Paul M.

Item: RADO La Fierte "Pride"

Date of Purchase: 03/10/2012

rado la fierte mechanical dress watch Hi,
The watche came this morning. Thanks for the special care.
My very best regards wishing...
Guillaume C.

Item: GUCCI 6300L

Date of Purchase: 02/27/2012

gucci 6300L horsebit quartz watch Dear Aileen
My watch has just arrived,( having had an interesting journey via Phillipines, China, KZ and Paris en route). Many thanks it's lovely!
Hilary H.

Item: SANDOZ "Submariner" 100 Meters Diver

Date of Purchase: 12/24/2011

sandoz submariner 100 meters diver automatic date watch Hi! Aileen,
I recieved the watch today and its in beautiful shape. Your pictures of the watches are very accurate as this is my second watch from your company and they looked exactly as you presented them. Looking foreward to doing more business with you!
Herb R.

Item: TISSOT PR100

Date of Purchase: 11/02/2011

tissot pr100 automatic date watch Hi Aileen/ Marco
 My Tissot PR100 arrived this morning, and it is better than in the photos, this is my first  purchase from you but it won't be the last
many many thanks
Andy I.

Item: BULOVA Oceanographer Snorkel 666 Feet

Date of Purchase: 09/08/2011

bulova oceanographer snorkel 666 feet automatic date watch Thank you for your service! Perfect! - Andrew B.

Item: TECHNOS Spider

Date of Purchase: 08/31/2011

technos spider automatic day-date watch Dear Aileen & Marco,
Finally I got my watch, Technos Spider today. It is  just super, really, really great! Much better than the picture. Thank you very much and good luck!
Best Wishes,
Vladimir Z. - Samara, Russia

Item: BULOVA 10ATM Diver

Date of Purchase: 07/17/2011

bulova diver 10 atm automatic date watch Hi Aileen
Yes the watch arrived safely thank you. It's in great condition, and I've worn it to work every day since with a striped nylon band, very nice.
Joel M.

Item: BULOVA Classic

Date of Purchase: 07/14/2011

bulova classic automatic day-date watch Yes I received the watch in good order. Wearing it now, very happy! Thanks again so much!
Jan Willem Van De G.

Item: RADO NCC 202

Date of Purchase: 07/7/2011

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch Hi, Aileen!
I did get the watch - it arrived at the address several weeks ago.I wasn't able to pick it up until just the other day. It looks and runs excellent! I set it Sunday and it's lost only 1 minute since. I like the blue and gold face much more than i thought i would at first. I am still in the market for other 202's and will continue to peruse your site. 

The watch is great. It arrived quickly and runs perfect! Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be making more purchases in the future.
Jimmy S.

Item: HAMILTON Khaki Field

Date of Purchase: 06/23/2011

hamilton khaki field automatic date wach Hi Aileen,
I received the watch today. Very happy with it.
Best regards,
Ken L.

Item: BULER Super Nova

Date of Purchase: 06/23/2011

buler super-nova jump-hour mechanical watch I have received the Buler Supernova and it's a marvelous piece! It is Perhaps the best example of the supernova I've seen yet! Your description was spot on and the pictures you provided were perfect. It's keeping great time and has a truly striking appearance. I've been receiving compliments since I wore it out off the post office. 

I've purchased several watches online from half-way around the world (Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc.)and this experience will likely find me settling on you as my main supplier in Asia. Others provide the watches they picture but few arrive truly "ready to wear" as is often claimed. This watch was not only accurately described, it is also running flawlessly right out of the packaging.

Thanks so much, Aileen and Marco. I look forward to many more future purchases!
Jimmy S.

Item: RADO NCC 202

Date of Purchase: 06/21/2011

rado ncc 202 automatic day-date watch Hi Aileen & Marc,
I got the Rado NCC 202 today - it looks fantastic! Just want to thank you for all your help & professionalism, for going above & beyond. It was a real pleasure dealing with you!
All the best,
Chris B.

Item: BULOVA Super Seville

Date of Purchase: 05/26/2011

bulova super seville day & date automatic watch Hi Aileen! Got my watch! It's so beautiful! It's more solid than I thought! Great seller! Now, hope I can make it smaller as my wrists are small - about 4 links to be removed!
Nicole A.

Item: BULOVA Diver 10ATM

Date of Purchase: 05/26/2011

bulova diver 10 atm automatic date watch Hi! The watch has arrived me today! I'm really happy with it! I really like this design!
Thank you very much!
Reinhold H.

Item: RADO Golden Horse

Date of Purchase: 05/26/2011

rado golden horse automatic date watch Hi Aileen & Marco,
My Rado Golden Horse Watch arrived in wonderful condition as it was described. Thanks for your help & advice & your friendly service.
Kind Regards,
Mahesh M.

Item: ZODIAC Aerospace GMT

Date of Purchase: 05/09/2011

zodiac aerospace gmt dual-time automatic date watch Hi Aileen:
Good morning. The Zodiac GMT was delivered early  today.  I am wearing it now for the test run. It is in relative good shape externally.  Please advise CLA even if I cannot tell if it is all good in the short time since I have received it. Packing is safe & good.
Thank you,
Robert L.

Thank you, Aileen. The watch has been running well since delivery except gaining a minute a day.
Take care,
Robert L.

Item: RADO Captain Cook

Date of Purchase: 05/09/2011

rado captain cook explorer automatic day-date watch Hi there Aileen,
I have the watch & it is exactly as described. I am very happy with the purchase.
Many thanks,
Nathan P.

Item: GIRARD-PERREGAUX Classic Vermeil

Date of Purchase: 05/04/2011

girard-perregaux g-p classic manual-wind watch Received the GP today! Another beauty!Another great job!
Steve H.

Item: RADO Captain Cook

Date of Purchase: 04/06/2011

rado captain cook automatic date watch Aileen & Marco,
Watch arrived on Saturday. I had a bit of difficulty to change the calendar. It is a bit hard for the crown to turn. But the watch is beautiful! Thank you very much again & I WILL STILL be looking at your internet site. You never know!
Raffi B.

Item: RADO Silver Star

Date of Purchase: 03/24/2011

rado silver star automatic day-date watch Hey guys,
My RADO arrived today (4-5-11) all fine & dandy. The picture really does not do it justuce! The watch is beautiful! Great price. Great people. Great site. I will absolutely be back for more watches. Great experience. Thank you!
Steve H.

Item: RADO Manhattan

Date of Purchase: 03/16/2011

rado manhattan automatic day-date watchHi Aileen!
The watch arrived yesterday, several days early. It is as good as I had hoped & has already visited the watchmaker to have it's replacement baton fitted, I've also replaced the crystal with a signed Rado one so it is looking in almost new condition.

I am delighted with the watch & it was a pleasure dealing with you. I'll subscribe to your newsletter but if there are any other Manhattans turn up which need some restoraton, I would be happy to consider them especially a red dial of a similar finish to the blue one.

Thanks again for a very pleasant & successful transaction.
John R.

Item: ZODIAC Sea Wolf

Date of Purchase: 02/18/2011

zodiac sea wolf automatic watchI like the way you conduct business. Impressive. I assure you that I will be back again!
Rock S.

Items (Repairs/Restoration): BULOVA Classic, BULOVA Super Seville, RADO Captain Cook

Date of Project: 02/11/2011 - 03/8/2011

Dear Sir/Madam,
The watches arrived safely last week. I am overall very satisfied with the work! I will be sending to you another 5 watches for servicing & restoration. I will obiviously let you know before hand.
Best Regards,
Mario Z.

Item: RADO NCC 303

Date of Purchase: 02/03/2011

rado ncc 303 automatic day-date watchAileen & Marco,
I've just received the watch.  It's in wonderful condition & exactly as you've promised.  Thank You.
David K.

Item: ZODIAC SST 36000

Date of Purchase: 01/31/2011

zodiac sst 36000 automatic day-date watchHi Aileen,
I got my watch on the 8th. Watch is working fine, Thank you.
Antonio A.

Item: RADO Captain Cook

Date of Purchase: 01/27/2011

rado captain cook automatic date watchSurprise! Watch came in just ahead of schedule, of course. All is well now!
Thanks & Best Wishes,
PS Yap

Item: RADO Balboa

Date of Purchase: 01/14/2011

rado balboa automatic date watchHi Aileen & Marco
Watch arrived safely - it's fabulous!  Just one thing - the bracelet is just too tight.  Can you send me some additional links??
Tim W.

Item: GIRARD-PERREGAUX La Chaux de Fonds

Date of Purchase: 01/12/2011

girard-perregaux la chaux de fonds mechanical watchHi Aileen,
Thank you very much for ensuring delivery of my husband’s watch for his birthday it was much appreciated.
I gave it to him this morning & he loves it.
Robyn J.

Item: RADO Starliner

Date of Purchase: 01/11/2011

rado starliner daymaster day & night automatic day-date watchHi Aileen,
I received my watch today, a bit later than expected but it was worth the wait. It's a great example of a rare model. I'll be checking your website out & hopefully I'll be able to pick up another desirable timepiece. Thanks for keeping me informed about the progress of our transaction & best wishes for the future.
Cliff G.

Item: RADO Manhattan II

Date of Purchase: 01/11/2011

rado manhattan automatic day-date watchJust to let you know - I received the watch & is keeping good time but I can't figure out how to set the date & calender functions, maybe you can email some instructions.

Item: RADO Diastar

Date of Purchase: 09/24/2010

rado diastar automatic day-date watchHi Marc!
The watch arrived today! It's wonderful, perfect! I will recommend BB Watches to all my friends. I'm sorry for my impatience! Thank you again!
Stefano @ Suzzara Italy

Item: Gruen Precision Airflight Date of Purchase: 09/18/2010

gruen airflight precision manual-wind pilot watchMiss Aileen:
Please note that the watch arrived & it is GREAT!
Thanks again,
Anthony S.

Items: ZODIAC Sea Wolf Datographic & ZODIAC Sea Wolf

Date of Purchase: 08/8/2010

zodiac sea wolf datographic automatic watch zodiac sea wolf automatic watchAileen,
Received the package today. All looks to be in good order! Thanks a lot & if you ever run into a vintage Zodiac Chrono you know where to find me!
All the best,
Pieter B.

Item: Bulova Super Seville Date of Purchase: 06/14/2010

bulova super seville automatic day-date watchThank you... the watch is here.... it is SUPER !!! It works great!!! As a Collector, I must say I will love to do business with you soon. Once again, Thank you
Bernard T.

Item: RADO Cologny 73 Date of Purchase: 05/19/2010

rado cologny 703 manual-wind watchHello Aileen,
Glad to inform you that the watch arrived yesterday. Thank you very much!
Highest regards,
Zain J.B.

Item: Bulova Military Pilot Navigator Date of Purchase: 02/25/2010

bulova military pilot navigator manual-wind watchTHANKS! The watch is in working order - It came yesterday & it's in better shape than the pics! Thanks! I will buy more watches from you!
Will J.

Item: Enicar Sherpa Star Date of Purchase: 02/09/2010

enicar sherpa star automatic day-date watchReceived the watch over the weekend - BEAUTIFUL! Watch was sent in a very timely manner & without issue. Please add this message to your positive comments! - Jeffrey H.

Item: Zodiac Sea Skate Date of Purchase: 11/30/2009

zodiac sea skate automatic date watchI have just received the Zodiac diver - very nice indeed! I am so impressed with the Zodiac that I'll wait for the White Dial version that I am sure you will find for me. I hope that you're okay with that. Because I really want a mate to this watch & I'm disapointed that I missed the other Zodiac diver that you had for sale! If buyer backs out please notify me asap!
James S.

Item: Titoni Cosmo King Date of Purchase: 11/20/2009

titoni cosmo king automatic date watchHello Aileen & Marco,
Today in the morning I picked up the Titoni at german customs. It's a really nice watch which arrived safely & in good condition.

Thanks for quick shipment, smooth transaction & nice communication. I will check on a regular basis & hope to do business with you again. Maybe a next time?
Best regards,
Volker A.

Item: Omega Seamaster Diver Date of Purchase: 8/29/2009

bulova selfwinding 666 feet diver automatic watchHi Aileen,
The Seamaster arrived today & I'm very pleased with it, another nice dive watch to add to my collection! If you get any bulova snorkels in the next few months send me a few pics!
Many thanks & kind regards,
Darren F.

Thanks for sending it so quickly

Item: Bulova Diver Date of Purchase: 5/5/2009

bulova selfwinding 666 feet diver automatic watchHi there! My watch has arrived! I am very happy. Could you please find me more watches with same dial & bezel? Good luck!
Jon K.

Item: Rado Golden Gazelle Date of Purchase: 3/3/2009

rado golden gazelle automatic date watchHello Aileen & Marco,
The RADO Golden Gazelle that I ordered from your site arrived & I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase & the service that you provided.
Darryl M. J.

Item: Rado Manhattan Date of Purchase: 2/27/2009

rado manhattan automatic day-date watchNo problem, Aileen - I wasn't worried at all! The watch arrived today, in fact, & is great - thanks! I'm sure we'll do business again soon.
Best regards,
Harry S.

Item: Rado Manhattan Date of Purchase: 2/26/2009

rado manhattan automatic day-date watchHi Aileen!
Watch received today in great condition - has absolutely met my expectations! I continue to look for interesting Rado watches & will visit your Website again soon.
Many thanks,
Tim W.

Item: Zodiac Sea Wolf Date of Purchase: 1/12/2009

zodiac sea wolf automatic watch Dear Aileen & Marco,
Just a short note to thank you for your conscientious sales service accorded to me - I was particularly impressed with the great effort & must be hard work you put into boosting the sales & disseminating helpful information. I think you are on the right track here & it should surely go down well with existing & potential customers & keep them happy with BBW & you both. Here's wishing you every success in this endeavour.
Yours truly,
P.S. Yap

Item: Lady Zodiac Astrographic Date of Purchase: 12/22/2008

lady zodiac astrographic watchThank you! The watch arrived yesterday & is nicer than I thought. My wife loves it! In the future I will be looking for a SS Rolex Oyster Prince Date Precision or automatic with black dial & gold or stainless hands, 50's or early 60's vintage. Perhaps you can show me one if you have in stock.
Thank you,
Alfred W.

Item: Rado Senator Date of Purchase: 12/14/2008

rado senator automatic day-date watchCiao,
I have recived today Rado Senator Watch. It's very nice! Thanks!
Luca Z.

Item: Rado Diastar Date of Purchase: 12/3/2008

rado diastar automatic date watchDear Aileen,
I've just received the Rado Diastar today. It is wonderful. Thank you very much.
Zain J.B.

Item: Bulova Snorkel Date of Purchase: 10/20/2008

bulova snorkel automatic day-date watchHello Aileen & Marco,
Thank you very much. I am quite impressed with your customer service & will certainly be visiting your site regularly. I hope to purchase something from you in the future. Thank you again - Rich S.

Items: Rado Manhattan & Tissot Seastar Seven Date of Purchase: 10/1/2008

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch tissot seastar seven automatic day-date watchHi Aileen,
I have recieved both watches yesterday (RADO & Tissot) at home. I am really happy with them. Keep me updated! I am sure I will like one soon. I would like another Manhattan if you get one let me know. Thank you! - Dave N.

Item: Lady Zodiac Automatic Date of Purchase: 9/11/2008

lady zodiac automatic date watchHello Aileen & Co!
I i received the watch (lady Zodiac) few days ago. It was well packed & in as good condition as you promised. Many thanks!
With Best Regards,
Tuomas A.

Item: Rado Green Horse De Luxe Date of Purchase: 8/7/2008

rado green horse de luxe automatic date watchHi Aileen, Marco,
Got the parcel yesterday - completed to unpack today. Thanks for this smooth collaboration!

Will reach you later relating to my Bell Matic 4006 6021 - for the moment I got around 7 in need of adjustements. Let me know if you're interested to work on Seikos. I'll try to keep an eye on your website.
Best Regards,
Guillaume C.