dear sirs & mesdammes

Our watches are VINTAGE, unless stated otherwise. Their capacity to tell accurate time & manage power is consistent with available technology during their time of production.

Never experiment with a watch unless you are a watchmaker. Curiousity killed the watch! When unsure about setting features, please contact us!


Return Policy

Big Ben Watches guarantees that all watches are shipped in good working condition & as described.

We do our best to describe our watches as accurately as possible! That is why every watch we sell is described visually & literally with close-up photos & text notations/specifications. We absolutely do not make up false descriptions & we do not hide imperfections (by editing pictures) just to sell an item.

We pack & ship our watches securely but there are times when couriers are careless with packages. Accidents may happen!

If your watch is delivered with loose parts, please contact us & we'll do our absolute best to make things right!

You may return the watch for repair & we'll ship back to you free of charge
You may return the watch for exchange with another watch of equal value
You may return the watch for a refund. Refunds include only the price of the item - shipping fee is non-refundable.
You may request for a partial refund. If you know a good watchmaker, we'll refund you the service fee for minor issues like loose hands, links or crown

We advise customers to return items through your local Post Office. Specify with your Postal Clerk that you will be shipping through Express Mail International Service or Registered Mail International Service, which are secure, trackable & affordable international shipping.

Our customers are important to us! Customer satisfaction is our priority!

We are ready & willing to resolve any issues that may arise. Unlike other dealers on the internet, we provide extended services when needed. We do not run away or ignore messages once we sense something is wrong. We do our best to arrive at a solution that is agreeable to both parties involved!

You may buy with confidence, knowing that we are always available to respond to your concerns.