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This watch was SOLD on April 26, 2009 (Destination: Borås, Sweden).

Gender: male
Crystal: acrylic
Dial Width: 28 mm
Dial Height: 28 mm
Movement: 17 jewels automatic
Case: stainless steel
Case Width: 35 mm without crown
Case Height: 42 mm with lugs
Case Thickness: 8mm with bezel
Serial Number on Back: 722-916
Serial Number on Movement: 70-72
Bracelet: leather
Bracelet Length: 6 in (measures up to 7.5 in)

This is an authentic Swiss-made ZODIAC Sea Wolf Automatic Watch.

  • silver detail against matte black dial
  • luminous TRIANGULAR hands & main hour markers
  • gold-electroplated steel ADJUSTABLE bezel
  • stainless steel case, back, crown & clasp
  • new black leather band
  • 17 jewels automatic movement

This watch keeps good time & is in good working condition! Add this to your collection of vintage quality timepieces!

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

This is a vintage Zodiac Sea Wolf with crafted hands & main hours. The Navy has relied on Zodiacs for years. The ZODIAC Sea Wolf is one of the models the NAVY SEALS used. Now is your chance to own this unique timepiece at our remarkably low price.

has a stainless steel case.

has an ADJUSTABLE gold-electroplated steel bezel - which makes this a two-tone Sea Wolf, a rare, early model !

has a matte black dial or face. The dial has undergone faint aging - STUDY PHOTOS!

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

hour, minute hands are triangular steel filled-in with luminous. Second hand is white-coated steel.

has steel double-bar minor hours. Main hours are steel-framed luminous triangles.

has a clearly-marked silver grid.

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

steel ZODIAC symbol logo, silver ZODIAC name logo & "SEA WOLF" are at 12 o'clock.

silver "AUTOMATIC" & "SWISS T < 25 MC" are at 6 o'clock.

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

has a stainless steel crown.

has a clear acrylic crystal.

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

has a new black leather band.

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

clasp is stainless steel.

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

stainless steel case back is embossed with ZODIAC Sea Wolf name logo, ZODIAC symbol logo, "WATER-TESTED" & "20 ATM-ESPECIALLY". Markings appear faint in the photo but they are visible on close inspection. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of its waterproof closure because this watch is vintage.

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

reverse side of case back is embossed with its serial numbers, "ZODIAC LTD.", "LE LOCLE SWISS" & "ACIER INOXYDABLE".

zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch
zodiac sea wolf automatic date watch

has a Swiss-made ZODIAC 17 jewels automatic movement.

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