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All Steel ZODIAC Astro II Mystery Dial

This watch was SOLD on October 24, 2011 (Destination: Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

zodiac astro II automatic watch
Gender: male
Crystal: glass
Dial Width: 32 mm
Dial Height: 32 mm
Movement: 17 jewels automatic
Case: stainless steel
Case Width: 38 mm without crown
Case Height: 46 mm with lugs
Case Thickness: 10 mm with bezel
Serial Number on Back: 1082 889, 2877453
Serial Number on Movement: 108
Bracelet: stainless steel
Bracelet Length: 6.25 in (measures up to 7.75 in with case)

This is an authentic Swiss-made ZODIAC Astro II Automatic Watch.

  • 99% Original/Complete ZODIAC parts - replaced crown
  • multi-color mystery dial
  • black/white grid
  • STAINLESS STEEL case, bezel, back, bracelet, clasp & crown
  • 17 jewels automatic movement

This watch keeps good time & is in good working condition! Add this to your collection of vintage quality timepieces!

zodiac astro II automatic watch

ZODIAC's design innovation of the floating red dot (represents seconds) & floating hands (represents hours & minutes) won the 1972 "Montres et Bijoux" exhibition.

This mega-rare ZODIAC Astro II sports a "mystery dial", which re-designs the floating hands of its forerunner (Astrographic). Moving/floating hands set within a deep case create a shadowbox effect!

EXTERNAL CONDITION: This watch is in *VERY GOOD condition (83-87%): The watch shows what might be considered normal wear by a careful owner who wore the watch regularly. Scratches are evident, but no nicks or dings. May have replacement parts. A sound, attractive presentation overall.

INTERNAL CONDITION: This watch is in *EXCELLENT condition (88-92%): Working perfectly, needs no repair or service.

*condition descriptives mainly based on the Timezone Grading System
zodiac astro II automatic watch

stainless steel case

The case was previously gold-plated. The plating has faded with use & age, thereby exposing its stainless steel base. Some of the plating remains on bottom lug

stainless steel bezel

matte brown/gold & blue/white combination mystery dial or face

zodiac astro II automatic watch

FLOATING hands - the luminous material of the hour hand has somewhat distended

clearly-marked black/white grid

zodiac astro II automatic watch

white ZODIAC name logo & "ASTRO II" at 3 o'clock

white "SWISS MADE" at 6 o'clock

blue/white ZODIAC symbol logo is partially faded on the center

white CROSSHAIR runs across the face; partially faded along 9 o'clock

zodiac astro II automatic watch

replacement steel crown

clear ZODIAC glass crystal

zodiac astro II automatic watch

original ZODIAC stainless steel bracelet

zodiac astro II automatic watch

stainless steel ZODIAC Fold-Over clasp

zodiac astro II automatic watch

stainless steel case back embossed with serial numbers, ZODIAC name logos & ZODIAC symbol logo

zodiac astro II automatic watch

reverse side of case back embossed with "ZODIAC LTD.", "LE LOCLE SWISS", "FOND ACIER INOX"

zodiac astro II automatic watch
zodiac astro II automatic watch

Swiss-made ZODIAC 17 jewels automatic movement - cleaned, serviced & checked by our skilled technician

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