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All Original RADO Manhattan (Mirror Dial & Triple Calendar)

This watch was SOLD on July 3, 2011 (Destination: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom).

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch
Gender: male
Crystal: acrylic
Dial Width: 31 mm
Dial Height: 23 mm
Movement: 25 jewels automatic
Case: stainless steel
Case Width: 38 mm without crown
Case Height: 40 mm with lugs
Case Thickness: 10 mm
Serial Number on Case : NA
Bracelet: stainless steel
Bracelet Length: 5.25in (measures up to 6.75in with case)

This is an authentic Swiss-made RADO Manhattan II Automatic Watch with Tri-Calendar display.

  • 100% All Original / Complete RADO-marked parts!
  • black detail against mirror face
  • tri-color tri-calendar: day number, day & date display window
  • STAINLESS STEEL: geometric case, crown, back, bracelet & clasp
  • 25 jewels automatic movement

This watch keeps good time & is in good working condition! Add this to your collection of vintage quality timepieces!

The photos presented below are of the actual item for sale. Kindly study them carefully because what you see is what you will get. We try our best to describe watches as accurately as we can that's why we present them visually & literally. In case we missed a few points, you are welcome to ask questions.

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

This here is an all stainless steel & all original RADO Manhattan "Wildcard" or RADO Manhattan "II", nicknamed as such by RADO collectors because of its geometric case (most Manhattans are square/rectangular)!

Other distinguishing features are its mirror or reflective face & the odd arrangement of the markers: notice how they are mounted in 2 rows, instead of scattered around.

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

EXTERNAL CONDITION: This watch is in *EXCELLENT condition (88-92%): Evidence of use is visible to the unaided eye. Scratches are light, but more numerous than "near mint".

INTERNAL CONDITION: This watch is in *EXCELLENT condition (88-92%): Working perfectly, needs no repair or service.

*condition descriptives mainly based on the Timezone Grading System
rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

geometric stainless steel case

mirror or reflective dial or face in fair condition

The visible area is well-preserved but its edges have some rust (can only be seen when the dial is extracted from the case).

Due to age, the surface has areas where the texture is uneven - the same happens to very old mirrors.

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

steel hands

steel bar hour markers

tri-color, tri-calendar: red day number, white day & black date display window at 3 o'clock

In the photo above, see that the reverse side of the crystal has a short diagonal gash at 4 o'clock
rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

"SWISS MADE" at 6 o'clock

"MANHATTAN" at 7 o'clock

steel-on-red RADO symbol logo & steel RADO name logo at 9 o'clock; RADO symbol logo rotates

clearly-marked black rail-track grid

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

stainless steel RADO crown

original RADO concave acrylic crystal

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

original RADO stainless steel bracelet

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

stainless steel RADO fold-over clasp

rado manhattan automatic day-date watch

stainless steel case back embossed with RADO name logo, RADO Twin-Seahorse detail & "WATER SEALED"; We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of its waterproof closure because this watch is vintage.

Swiss-made RADO 25 jewels automatic movement - cleaned, serviced & checked by our skilled technician

Movement is not shown with photos but guaranteed authentic! One has to pop the back, then separate the crown & unhinge the back from the dial to gain access to the movement, which is a delicate process that can only be entrusted to our technician.

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