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This watch was SOLD on July 28, 2006 (Destination: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines).

These are actual pictures of the item on auction - I took them myself! What you see is what you get! You may rely entirely on the pictures for accuracy on the appearance of this item.

This is an authentic, vintage, well-preserved, RADO Winding/Wind-up Black Dial Corner Date Dress Watch with original parts.

rado manual-wind date watch

The dial is matte black. It's got a corner date display window - my favorite feature of this piece.

rado manual-wind date watch

All markers are intact, they are silver with rounded edges. The RADO logo is painted on which means that this watch may have been made in the 1940s.

rado manual-wind date watch

Its acrylic crystal is new & it's got no scratches.

rado manual-wind date watch

The watch keeps its original RADO crown which functionS well & isn't loose.

rado manual-wind date watch

The case & bracelet are gold-electroplated stainless steel. The watch has an elegant multigranular-link bracelet which definitely brings out the beauty of this piece - all links on the bracelet move freely & not one of them is tarnished, broken nor rusted.

rado manual-wind date watch rado manual-wind date watch

The watch has suffered very few, unnoticeable injuries over the years: The gold-electroplating in the inner part of the clasp is a bit faded & the end of the bracelet is a bit crooked so you have to adjust it as you insert it through the clasp (it's nothing you can't get used to).

rado manual-wind date watch

The watch has not acquired any dents or faded patches over the years! It has a stainless steel case back.

rado manual-wind date watch

The watch runs on 17 Jewels RADO winding/wind-up movement which never needs any batteries & runs on a 24 hour duration! It's in perfect condition, runs great & keeps perfect time!

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