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GUCCI Vermeil

This watch was SOLD on May 23, 2008 (Destination: Miami, Florida, U.S.A.).

Gender: female
Crystal: acrylic
Dial Width: 15 mm
Dial Height: 20 mm
Movement: 17 jewels manual-wind
Case: gold-electroplated sterling silver
Case Width: 24 mm without crown
Case Height: 28 mm with lugs
Case Thickness: 10 mm
Bracelet: leather
Bracelet Length: 6 in (measures up to 7 in)

This is an authentic Swiss-made Classic GUCCI Vermeil Manual-Wind Watch.

  • black detail against satin gold face
  • gold-electroplated sterling silver case & back
  • gold-filled crown & clasp
  • green enamel-decorated front case & cabochon crown
  • dark green leather band
  • 17 jewels manual-wind movement
gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

This watch keeps good time & is in good working condition! Add this to your collection of vintage quality timepieces!

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

has a gold-electroplated sterling silver case.

has a front case is decorated with inlaid green enamel.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

has black-coated steel hands.

has a satin gold dial or face.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

black-letter GUCCI name logo is at 12 o'clock.

black GUCCI symbol logo is at 6 o'clock.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

has a gold-filled cabochon crown decorated with green enamel.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

has a dark green leather band.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

clasp is gold-filled.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

case back is gold-electroplated sterling silver embossed with GUCCI name logo.

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

reverse side of case back is embossed with "STERLING 0.925", "10 MICRONS", "FFBA 60" & "SWISS MADE CASE".

gucci vermeil manual-wind watch
gucci vermeil manual-wind watch

has a Swiss-made 17 jewels GUCCI manual-wind movement.

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